Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mick Softley - 1970 [ENG] - Sunrise @320 Vinyl Rip

Michael 'Mick' Softley (born 1941, in South Woodford, Essex) is a British singer/songwriter and guitarist. A figurehead during the British folk scene, Softley set up his own folk club, released three albums and has been known to work with Mac MacLeod, Donovan and Maddy Prior. Donovan even covered two of Softley's songs ("Goldwatch Blues" and "The War Drags On") on his early recordings.


01 Can You Hear Me Now
02 Waterfall
03 Eagle
04 Julie Argoyne
05 Caravan
06 If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You Must Be Part Of The Problem
07 Ship
08 You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine
09 Birdie Birdie
10 Time Machine
11 On The Road Again
12 Love Colours

Monday, August 29, 2016

V.A. - 1979 (France) Grand Bal Folk @320

La Bamboche, Malicorne, Le Grand Rouge, La Chiffonie

01 La Bamboche     Bourrée De Ladonne / Bourrée Du Viallaneix
02 Malicorne     Branle Poitevin
03 La Bamboche     Branle Du Rat / Polka De Baugy    
04 Le Grand Rouge     Polka Du Père Frédéric
05 La Chifonnie     La Marche Vermot
06 La Bamboche     La Poule / La Louise / La Bourrée De Chaumeil (Bourrées)
07 La Bamboche     Gigue De Marmetoux / Polka Du Bas Berry
08 Malicorne     Branle
09 Malicorne     Gavotte
10 La Chifonnie     La Mandragore (Polka)
11 La Bamboche     Montagnarde Bourbonnaise (Bourrée à Trois Temps)
12 Malicorne     Bourrée / Scottish / Valse
13 La Bamboche     Rosalie / La Velhada (Marches)
14 La Chifonnie     La Valse Des Balançoires
15 La Bamboche     Mazurka De Lapleau / Pas D'Été à L'Henri Caillaux
16 La Chifonnie     Frana (Valse)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gheorghe Zamfir - Colors (1990 Romania) [256m4a]

This is a greatest-hits album by the self-proclaimed King of the Pan Flute. A version of Mozart's "Elvira Madigan" and Zamfir's most famous piece "The Lonely Shepherd" stand out among the popular tunes and original compositions. Most pieces are heavily orchestrated with sweeping strings backing Zamfir's simple pan flute. This is ultra-romantic music aimed with great success right at the heart of the easy-listening market.

Thanks to Left Blank for introducing me to this man :)

1     Colors of Spring    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    3:29    
2     Theme from Limelight    (Charlie Chaplin)    3:22    
3     Rocking Chair    3:18    
4     Seagulls    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    3:26    
5     Andrew's Theme    (Michael Hoppé)    2:47    
6     She    (Charles Aznavour / Herbert Kretzmer)    4:01    
7     Hello    (Lionel Richie)    4:05    
8     Cent Mille Chansons    (Michel Magne / Eddy Marnay)    4:48    
9     Wild Theme    (Mark Knopfler)    3:39    
10     Valse Roumaine    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    5:41    
11     Elvira Madigan    (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)    5:14    
12     To My Son Teo    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    5:30    
13     The Lonely Shepherd    (James Last)    4:25

Old Blind Dogs - The World's Room (Scotland 1999) @320

Old Blind Dogs is a musical group which plays Celtic folk and traditional Scottish folk music, with influences from rock, reggae and Middle Eastern music rhythms. The three founding members of the band (Ian F. Benzie, Buzzby McMillan and Jonny Hardie) first met during a so-called "buskers' holiday" in the Scottish Highlands in 1990, and after playing together for the summer decided to call themselves "Old Blind Dogs". Dave Francis and Carmen Higgins joined the band soon afterwards, but left in 1992 before the recording of the first album, "New Tricks". Since that time, the lineup of the band has changed frequently, with only Jonny Hardie remaining from the original group.
In 2004, Old Blind Dogs won the Folk Band of the Year award at the Scots Trad Music Awards. At the same time, Jim Malcolm was named Songwriter of the Year. In 2001, the UK’s Association of Independent Music selected their album "Fit?" as a finalist for the Celtic Album of the Year award.
The band have toured extensively, performing in Britain, the USA, Denmark, Germany and Spain, with further tours of the USA, Britain, Russia, Italy and Germany scheduled for 2006.

01. To The Beggin' I Will Go 3:27  
02. The Branle 4:53  
03. Forfar Sodger 5:50  
04. Mill O' Tifty 6:53  
05. Bannockburn Road 5:38  
06. Battle Of Waterloo 5:39  
07. Soup Of The Day 4:03  
08. Roslin Castle 5:57  
09. Edward 5:04  
10. The Ritual 4:39  

Buzzby McMillan: Bass, Cittern, Backing Vocals 
Paul Jennings: Djembe, Congas, Percussion
Jonny Hardie: Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Backing Vocals 
Jim Malcolm: Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Rory Campbell: Whistle, Bagpipes [Border Pipes], Backing Vocals

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ralph McTell - Right Side Up [1976 England] @320

This is one of several excellent McTell albums produced in the 70s, and it still stands up well. The material here is uniformly very good (though perhaps nothing *really* stands out), including the McTell classics 'Naomi,' 'Tequila Sunset,' 'Slow Burning Companion,' and the sublime 'From Clare to Here.' He also does a very good cover of John Martyn's well-known 'May You Never.' This is nice, gentle stuff with period small-folk-combo backing, with the overall presentation verging in places on a Nashville sound. 

01. San Diego Serenade   
02. Naomi   
03. Tequila Sunset   
04. Weather The Storm   
05. River Rising   
06. From Clare To Here   
07. Chairman And The Little Man   
08. Country Boys   
09. Slow Burning Companion   
10. Nightmares   
11. May You Never   
12. Song For Ireland 

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Ralph McTell 
Backing Vocals – John Perry (7), Ken Gold, Tony Rivers 
Bass Guitar – Dave Pegg, Rod Clements 
Drums, Percussion – John Stevens (2), Pick Withers 
Electric Guitar [Electric Weather] – John Martyn 
Guitar [Dobro] – Sammy Mitchell 
Keyboards – Graham Preskitt, Peter Swettenham 

Jean-Pierre Rasle - 1993 - Cornemusiques @320

By request
Track Listing:
1. Gervaise - Percussion - 5:45  
2. Les Trois Maçons Jolis 7:39  
3. Hotteterre 3:48  
4. Suite À Danser - 3:10  
5. Six Amants À Choisir - 8:09  
6. Briolage - 2:08  
7. Là-bas Dans La Prairie - 5:54  
8. Suite Berrichonne - 5:12

Jean-Pierre Rasle (vocals, bagpipes, Northumbrian bagpipes, bells, crumhorn)
Nigel Pegrum (percussion on 1,8)
Paul Martin (mandolin on 4)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alambig Elektrik - Vorlenn's Stomp (France 2014) [320]

1.    EleKtrikas a-barh    4:28
2.    Polka an daou gamerad fidel    3:30
3.    An Alambadeg (Redadeg 2014)    3:37
4.    Du cote d'chez Remi    4:37
5.    Disul e Sant Trifin    4:26
6.    La Cerclure des quadras    5:33
7.    Ma vefe ur bed all    4:35
8.    'Giz gwechall ma mignoned    4:18
9.    Lambig, girls and ducks    6:20
10.    Plac'h a Riateg    4:09
11.    Hidden Track    7:29

Whirligig - Spin (USA 2000) [320]

The idea of fusing Celtic musical traditions with those of other ethnic cultures isn't exactly a new one -- bands like Mouth Music, Black 47, and the Afro Celt Sound System have all been doing just that in various ways for years. But the New York-based band Whirligig does it in a way that is both more adventurous and less self-promoting than most. When they add subtle drum programming, a clarinet obbligato, and a horn section to Lisa Moscatiello's exquisite singing on "A Fair Maid Walking," it doesn't sound like they're trying to be cute; it sounds like they've hit upon a perfect arrangement and simply weren't bothered by the fact that the clarinet has no traditional role in Irish music. And "Mood Vertigo," a tune written by guitarist Paul Kovit shortly after he purchased a home in County Donegal, draws at least as heavily on Klezmer modes and rhythms as it does on Irish ones, to delightful effect. That's just two tracks out of ten, each of which is almost equally refreshing and attractive. Highly recommended.

1.    Favorite Sharks    5:52
2.    A Fair Maid Walking    5:28
3.    Wink    5:02
4.    The Nobleman's Wedding    5:28
5.    Mood Vertigo    4:45
6.    The Constant Lover    4:59
7.    The Abbey Reels    4:49
8.    Gregorian Chant    2:23
9.    Through the Bitter Frost and Snow    5:55
10.    Revolution Earth    5:57
11.    (unknown)    0:08

Duo Fabrice Besson & Grégory Jolivet - Musiques Traditionnelles d'Aujourd'hui (France 2002) @320

01 - Rage
02 - Confluence
03 - Postcriptum
04 - Champs de l'ombre 1
05 - Couleur d'eau
06 - Derrière les collines - Les mésanges
07 - Les sables d'Avril - Kate at the gate
08 - Le hasard
09 - Jusqu'à 5
10 - Camille - Hostilités
11 - Coralt
12 - La petite ronde du Dimanche soir

Fabrice Besson : Cornemuses Durin 20 p & 24 p, saxophone midi, programmations, claviers
Gregory Jolivet : Vielle alto Mounier, Vielle en Ré Kerboeuf, Guitare

Friday, August 19, 2016

Décibal - Il est l'heure de danser ! (France 2010) @320

1. Love Is Gone
2. Le Premier Bal De Candy/La Bourrée Du Papier Peint
3. Made In U.K.
4. C'etait Y'a Longtemps
5. Moon Boot's Attitude/Akruzam Jazz
6. Atchoum !
7. Le Chant Du Hobbit/Le Moustique Acoustique
8. C'est Gavé Frais
9. C'est Gavé Chaud
10. Chienpanzen
11. Les Trois Ténèbres
David Roblin : cajon, djembé & basse
Cédric Loosli : guitare électro-classique, bouzouki
Benoît Roblin : Vielle à roue électro-acoustique, darbouka & chant
Cyril Berthet : flûte traversière, saxophone soprano

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Le Claque Galoche - 1975 [FRA] - Folk traditionnel francais (Vinyl Rip, @320)

Vinyl Rip (Not available on CD)

Le Claque Galoche gave us 3 albums that compose the discography of this dissident group, they were opposed to the world of money and show-biz. They scoured the France and Francophone countries.
They were a band of beer lovers and rolling in 2CV, they recorded medieval melodies with traditional texts and instruments, the themes of the songs are from multiple protest songs or drinking or satirical themes.
They never wanted to touch royalties on their recordings.
They symbolize a libertarian era that is reflected in the texts and music both old and folk.

Concertina, Violin, Mandolin – Anatole Benoît
Flute, Vocals – Patrick Perroton
Mandola, Bouzouki, Vocals – Alain Cluzeau
Violin, Guitar, Vocals, Accordion – Christian Oller

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gheorghe Zamfir - 1974 [ROM] - L'alouette (Vinyl Rip) @320

This is very good romanian folk.
No easy-listening on this record !

A1 Cravitza (Jocuri Din Banat II)
A2 Chanson D'Amour (Firutà Nanà Firutà)
A3 Hora Oltinelor (Coccinelle)
A4 Jocuri Din Moldova
A5 Mindra Mea E Ardeleanà (Mon Ami Akim)

B1 L'Alouette (Ciocîrlia)
B2 Pelin Beau Pelin Manînc - Sloitoreasa
B3 Trece Lelea Pe Colnic
B4 Cobori Din Deal In Vale
B5 Hora Lui Marin Chisàr - Briul Co La Goicea

- Born On: 06.04.1941
- Place: Gaesti
- Country: Romania
- publication Over 250 records
- More Than 120 million records sold

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

La Confrérie des fous - 1979 [FRA] - Vinyl Rip @256

With members of Malicorne, La Bamboche, Mélusine

Founded in 1979 by Lawrence Vercambre (Malicorne), La confrérie des Fous is an original folk group representative "delusional" in late 1970. Its musicians develop a folk rock, tinged with ancient music.
Created around a concept, fools fairs in the Middle Ages, during which madness became legal, the band is of variable geometry. It includes at least 8 people on stage 12 on the single album recorded by the group. (...) The "women folk" that are Emmanuelle Parrenin (ex-Mélusine), Evelyne Girardon (ex-La Bamboche) and Valérie Terrell (former Equinoxe), realize the opportunity for an important voice work independently of other musicians. Laurent Vercambre manages, for its part, the instrumental parts and interpretation of songs. Incidentally the irruption of a string quartet, in which are already Vercambre Laurent and Pierre Ganem violin.

On stage, The Brotherhood appears with a lot of costumes and makeup in a comedy show that attempts reflection of medieval crazy celebrations.

01 La danse des fous
02 Il est bel et bon - On m’appelle fou
03 Valse de l’échiquier
04 La part à Dieu - Le cri du gueux
05 Le diable - L’entrée du Titanic dans le pot de New York
06 Nykel - Jeu de l’oie
07 Mon ami (Ronde) - Jouissance vous donnerai
08 La danse des fous

Friday, August 5, 2016

Dulcimer - And I Turned As I Had As a Boy (1971 England) @320

DULCIMER were a longstanding collective consisting of three musicians, all multi-instrumentalists: Dave Eaves, Pete Hodges and Jem North. The band's origins are sketchy, but they recorded their debut 'And I Turned As I Had Turned As a Boy' as a trio under the direction of Troggs manager Larry Page in 1970. The album made little impression at the time but is widely sought-after by serious UK folk music collectors today. The album has been reissued several times on both vinyl and CD.

The band recorded twice more in the early seventies before fading into obscurity, but neither 'Room for Thought' or 'A Land Fit for Heroes' (with rural English author Fred Archer) would find their way into official release until years later.

DULCIMER had a resurgence of sorts in the nineties thanks to the small President Records label, who released a trio of the band's albums as well as the shelved 'Room for Thought' project on CD ('A Land Fit for Heroes' had been issued thanks to the band's own financing in 1980).

Their music has been described as folk-rock and is mostly acoustic, but the band's penchant for odd themes, creative arrangements and occasional progressive forays merits them inclusion here in the Archives. DULCIMER will appeal to fans of understated, acoustic-driven music with classic folk instrumentation such as mandolins, acoustic guitars, flutes and of course dulcimers.

>> Bio by Bob Moore (aka ClemofNazareth) <<

1. Sonnett to the Fall 
2. Pilgrim from the City 
3. Morman's Casket 
4. Ghost of the Wandering Minstrel Boy 
5. Glochester City 
6. Starlight 
7. Caravan 
8. Lisa's Song 
9. Time Is My Life 
10. Fruit of the Musical Tree 
11. While It Lasted 
12. Suzanne
Bonus Tracks
13. Village/Days Of Lord Kichener
14. Take Me Home Uncle Terry
15. Country Life 

Dave Eaves / acoustic guitars, woodwinds, vocals 
Pete Hodge / acoustic guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, vocals 
Jem North / bass, assorted percussion

Vesevo - Vesevo (2015 Italy) @320

Vesevo is the old name of the Vesuvius, the famous still-active volcano in the surroundings of Napoli. Vesevo is also the name of a brand new musical project where southern Italian traditional music rises again thanks to a modern twist, like the unstoppable lava flow on the cover art of its debut album.

The members of this ensemble are Antonio Di Ponte (voice and guitar), Antonio Fraioli (violin and arrangements), and Francesco Manna (frame drums), armed with an extensive experience in the research, the practice and the teaching of these perennial musical traditions. Fraioli and Manna are members of the former Real World signed band Spaccanapoli augmented by Di Ponte with a vocal style honed by years of performing in festivals.

The album, recorded live in studio, is made of 9 tracks based on typical musical structures such as pizzica and tarantella with a modern approach that reminds Ludovico Einaudi and Taranta Power.

01 - O Rre Rre
02 - Catarina
03 - Scioscia Viento
04 - Muntagna Pe Muntagna
05 - Tarantamara
06 - Figliole
07 - Tarantella Alla Calabrese
08 - Tammurriata
09 - Riturnella

Frame Drum, Percussion – Francesco Paolo Manna
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar [Battente] – Antonio Di Ponte
Violin [Acoustic And Electric], Keyboards, Jew's Harp [Marranzano] – Antonio Fraioli

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chalibaude - 1976 [FRA] - Les noces du papillon @320

This is the real vinyl rip of this excellent record.
Never released on CD.

French electrified folk band combining music from the 17th through to 20th Century in original and adapted compositions, whose members are from Chatellerault, Nantes and Poitiers. As the album only list the musicians first names, their identities were pretty much a mystery.
Pretty much overlooked at the time their sole album is now highly regarded as one of the finest of French 1970s folk-rock.

A1     Là-Bas Dans Les Prairies
A2     Les Noces Du Papillon
A3     La Cuiller Et La Marmite
A4     La Messe À Poitiers
A5     Le Retour Dau Guaret
B1     L'Alouette Et Le Marlot
B2     La Fille Du Rochelais
B3     Arantelle
B4     La Maîtresse Du Voltigeur
B5     Jarni Perrot
B6     Là-Bas Dans Les Prairies (Reprise)

Michel: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer, Flute, Vocals
Francis: Crumhorn
Popoff: Drums, Percussion, Flute
Christian: Guitar, Bass, Crumhorn, Banjo, Vocals
Jojo: Violin, Organ

Fluxus - Transparant (Belgium 2003) @320

01. Om Zeep (3:13)
02. Tricot (3:43) 
03. Nevel (4:16)
04. Nuva Beijo (2:25)
05. Kaatwalk (4:23)
06. Message from the meadows (5:03)
07. Emotional Overdrive (3:49)
08. Wolkenfabriek (4:59)
09. Transparant (4:50)
10. Melange (4:13)
11. Scorcio (3:55)
12. Slaapliedje voor Kaj (1:56)

Toon Van Mierlo: Uilleann pipes, Whistle, Bagpipe
Sam Van Ingelgem: Fretless bass, Acoustic bass guitar, Clapping
Geert Simoen: Percussion, Drums
Koen Garriau: Saxophone soprano, Saxophone alto, Saxophone ténor
Greet Garriau: Vocals/voix, Accordéon diatonique, Clapping

Lieven Keymolen: Clarinette basse, Clarinette
Koen Van Roy: Saxophone baryton, Clapping
Rony Reuman: Drums
Wilfried De Schepper: Violoncelle
Fries Lefevere: Violon
Fritz Sundermann: Guitare, Box

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Keris - 1977 [FRA] - Avel Vor (Vinyl Rip) @320

The follow-up of "YS - Madame La Frontère"
Never released on CD. Very rare !
ENGLISH (Google translate)

Here we are in the presence of Avel Vor of KERIS, group born from the ashes of YS. The great Rene WERNEER is no longer in the game, and Pascal STIVE trying to take over, perhaps not as leader but as a master composer and arranger. With musicians of the caliber of Michel SANTANGELI Jacky THOMAS (reminder of former musicians Alan STIVELL as Pascal and Rene) and Pierre Chereze, it did not take him long to give birth to this work which will unfortunately a sort of testament. We can even say that everything happened too fast ...

"O'Keefe's Place" is a bit like the album: well made, even very nice, but a bit frustrating final anyway. The qualities are not lacking, but the feeling is not the same as the album YS René WERNEER, perhaps because of the arrangements, perhaps because of some songs too ... Or maybe be simply because Avel Vor is the unique album of KERIS that, although it is a variation of YS, is the last experience that links Pascal, Michael and Jacky (not forgetting Pierre and Patrick that will have a great job). So a little frustrating, but this disc proves nevertheless very interesting, and with titles that may displease the Celtic folk rock fans.

Patrick Molard - Bagpipes, Uilleann Pipes, Flute, Bombarde, Tin Whistle
Serge Derrien - Vocals
Jacky Thomas "Blet"* - Vocals, Bass
Michel Santangeli - Vocals, Drums
Pierre Chérèze - Vocals, Guitar
Pascal Stive - Vocals, Keyboards
David Rose Violin (4)

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