Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Presença das Formigas - Ciclorama (Portugal 2011) @320

Portuguese folk, progressive and colourful!!
A Presença das Formigas - winners of Zeca Afonso Prize 2009 - take Portuguese traditional music as source of inspiration to create unique songs and compositions.
Their music recalls fado, peasant songs, traditional dances, and it is, at the same time, refined and contemporary... A distinctive mixture of sounds managed with taste and originality!
01. Ai Que Ricas Orelhinhas
02. Bolinhas de Sabao
03. Da-me o Amanha
04. Largar, Partir
05. O Aprendiz de Feiticeiro
06. O Pulo do Lobo
07. Assim Como Quem nao Quer
08. Orla dos Malditos
09. Planicie
10. Que Serei
11. Senhora do Almortao
12. Vai Tao Sozinho

André Cardoso / classic guitar, steel guitar, Portuguese guitar, oud, cavaquinho, vocals
Cecília Pessanha / recorders
Filipa Meneses / piano, Fender Rhodes, acordion
Luís Arrigo / drums, percussion, timpani, glockenspiel
Manuel Maio / violin, mandolin, cavaquinho, vocals
Miguel Cardoso / bass guitar, double bass, viola braguesa, jew's harp
Teresa Campos / vocals
Amélia Muge / vocals (2)
Fraser Fifield / bagpipes, soprano saxophone, low whistle, kaval
Ricardo Matosinhos / horn
A. José Martins / synthesizer, percussion (2)
Danylo Gertsev / choir


Yojik said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Yojik.

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, Cino.

Anonymous said...

thanks do you have also?
Pé de Vento

Yojik said...

I have

owlface said...

Don't understand a word of it, but lovely music nevertheless. Thank you Yojik!

Yojik said...

to owlface:
You`re welcome!

Lucia de Fatima Felix da Silva said...

I really loved this post, thank you Yojik!!

Il Commendatore said...

Thanks a lot!

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, folks!

john said...

Downloaded today, but am repeatedly being asked for the password for track 01 (and the quoted password is not accepted ...).

I apologise if I am doing something wrong, or just too late.

CrimsonKing said...

I did the download right now as a test.
Worked without problems. Password is OK.
Suggestion: Do the download again.

john said...

Wow - thanks for the rapid response!

I did as you suggested, and all is now fine. Not sure what I did wrong, but thanks for your help.

I'm looking forward to this - I enjoyed "Pé de Vento" very much, also thanks to you.

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