Tuesday, August 13, 2019

KV Express - Zafon (Belgium 2016) @320

The repertoire of KV Express is entirely made up of personal compositions of Sophie Cavez which creates a universe at the same time powerful, festive and sensitive. The pieces are inspired by the traditional music of here and elsewhere and the poetic writing of the author Carlos Ruiz Zafòn.
The different instruments intermingle in arrangements that make both the feet and the ears dance.
The musicians invited on this new record are all very active in different areas and styles of music. The richness of their experience and influences is found in the repertoire and adds a unique sound. The diatonic accordion game and Sophie's compositions are quite innovative in the world of folk music. A modern sound that recolores traditional music.
After 2 cd's ("Luna" and "D-Sensation"), KV Express presents its third opus "Zafon" which will be performed on stage with Bo Waterschoot on bass and Jo Zanders on percussion.

01. Zoé
02. Zafon
03. Malone
04. Polska des Pineau
05. Jonyboy
06. Janelle
07. Rose
08. 1302
09. Six qui prend
10. Little monster
11. Annif
12. Valse Pado - to the edges
13. Berceuse pour Mariu

Sophie Cavez: Accordion - diatonic, Bass, Voice
Jo Zanders: Percussions
Didier François: Nyckelharpa
Julien Padovani: Rhodes
Karim Baggili: Oud
Fabiola Fernandes: Voice
Grégory Jolivet: Vielle à roue


CrimsonKing said...

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Rhodesway said...

Very thanks, beautiful records!

lambo said...

Thank you!

DiegOrlok said...

Many thanks! Any chance to share the last of Bal O'Gadjo of the same year? I only ask:) Regards!

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