Saturday, May 23, 2020

Nòu - À tché fête [2019 France] @320

The trio was born with the creation of the great New Aquitaine region. New territory, new repertoire, new identity!
Benoit Roblin, Arnaud Bibonne and Gilles De Becdelièvre wanted to bring together their traditional compositions and melodies from the new region to offer a ball full of varieties of dance and influences.
The hurdy-gurdy, the boha and the diatonic accordion mix perfectly, the neo-Aquitaine dance can begin!
(google-translate from french, sorry) 

1. Polka
2. Avant deux
3. Rondeau en chaîne
4. Bourrée trois temps
5. Mazurka
6. Ronde du Quercy
7. Maraîchine
8. Rondeau en couple
9. Sautière
10. Valse
11. Branle de Noirmoutier
12. Mélodie

Arnaud Bibonne : cornemuse des landes de Gascogne, chant
Gilles de Becdelièvre : accordéon diatonique, chant, pieds
Benoît Roblin : vielle à roue


Yojik said...

À tché fête


Buck said...

Thanks Yojik! Another brilliant album from another band totally new to me! I've never heard of Nou before, but they're very entertaining and a band to watch out for. Thanks again, stay well!

Yojik said...

Not at all. Enjoy the music!

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